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"I`ve stayed at home for 9 days, I`ve shown my sick leave, the company presses me to go to work (for at least 6 weeks on the road!!!), the company I`m currently working for goes to the most dangerous regions in Europe, among others Milan, Barcelona. 9 of us get to France in company vans. There each of us is assigned to a lorry with which he/she will be carrying out the orders and I am a so-called freelancer - I don`t have my own lorry, but every week I drive a lorry left by a driver on home break so that his lorry isn`t idle when he/she spends a week at home. Before they hit the road, the drivers are to sign a company document in which they state that they will not file any lawsuits against the company in case of developing the illness and that the company can guarantee neither any healthcare nor the date of returning to Poland. What is more, no protection for drivers is provided, such as gloves, masks or disinfection sprays".

The Truckers Life Foundation has been acting for years to improve the health and life of professional drivers.

The last months have been difficult. When the world stopped, the drivers still traveled thousands of kilometers. Often risking their life and health – their own and of their loved ones. The Truckers Life Foundation couldn`t be indifferent to such circumstances.

Provided support

When our greatest challenge was to stay at home, they – like the medical staff, didn`t have such comfort. The #stayathomecampaignsimply did not apply to them. They waited in traffic jams of a dozen or so hours and covered thousands of kilometers to provide us with everything we need to live.


Masks and face shields

They minimize the risk of coronavirus infection during professional drivers` everyday work. Thanks to this the drivers can be safer while performing their professional duties.



They are one of the most basic means of personal protection of a professional driver. Changed systematically, they provide appropriate protection. For this reason, it is so important to have enough of them.


Disinfection liquids

They not only minimize the risk of coronavirus infection, but also make personal hygiene easier. On the road, during long journeys, proper hygiene, especially in a pandemic, is the key factor minimizing the risk of infection.


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Support road heroes!

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