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Dagmara, Natalia, Martyna, Ania - hello, this is us! We build this project because we believe that a change for the better is possible. "Think globally, act locally" - this is our motto. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form.


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Truckers Life Foundation is the largest Polish non-government organization working with the aim to improve the safety of professional drivers. It runs its activities in 4 countries (Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania). From the very beginning, it has been supported by numerous partners and ambassadors from the TSL industry.


Our mission

There are approximately 500 000 professional drivers working in Poland. It is due to their hard work that we can easily and conveniently commute, the shop shelves are caving under the weight of all kinds of goods, and our parcels reach their designated destinations. Professional drivers form an important part of our society. We invest in their skills, broaden their knowledge on first aid, preventive healthcare and road traffic risks. We have been doing this since always. We believe that a change for the better is possible.


Our aim

Truckers Life Foundation aims at improving the health condition of drivers. We are aware of the conditions they need to work in and the risks they are exposed to. Road accidents are part of their everyday reality – that’s why our actions aim to increase road safety.


This is a program with a strategic aim to increase the competence of professional drivers within the area of effective first aid performance in road accidents


After the end of the training program, each driver will receive educational materials and a “badge” – a Hero Trucker plate. This will inform other road users, especially in case of a road emergency, about nearby presence of a person able to provide first aid.

Practical trainings

Our first aid trainings for professional drivers are composed of practical trainings mostly. 80% of trainings and 20% of theory.

Free of charge

Participation in our first aid trainings is free of charge, however, it is subject to availability. Applications are processed in the order they are received, so it’s definitely worth making up one’s mind quickly 🙂

Professional training team

Our training team consists of experienced medical paramedics. During their first aid trainings they share their practical knowledge based on their own experience.

Convenient location

All our first aid trainings for professional drivers will be organized in comfortable spaces such as parking lots, hotels, training rooms. The project is nationwide with meetings held all over Poland.



will be organized all over Poland



will be trained




Support road heroes!

Do you wish to support Truckers Life Foundation or join the Hero Trucker project? Or maybe you are interested in first aid trainings for professional drivers?