Szkolenia z pierwszej pomocy dla kierowców zawodowych. Kurs pierwszej pomocy dla kierowcy zawodowego. HERO Trucker program

HERO Trucker program

Hero Trucker is a program aiming at improving the road safety and initiating a social change among the group of professional drivers, A road accident is more than just an inconvenience resulting in a traffic jam and the necessity to look for a detour. It is a real opportunity to save a human life. This is not going to be possible without the first aid knowledge

That’s why Hero Trucker program was initiated – to educate, make aware and motivate to action


that’s the time you have to save an injured person’s life and health in the event of cardiac arrest. The chances are dropping by a dozen percent with every passing minute.


in case of an injury leads to a shock. This is a state of imminent danger to life. You need to act quickly and efficiently.


of road accidents took place in 2018. Nearly 3000 people were killed and 37 359 were injured.


admit that they witnessed a road accident. 45% of them claim to know what to do at that time but only 16% declares to be ready to act.

Professional driver!
Learn how to give first aid and join the ranks of road heroes!
We teach how
  • save life and health, give first aid, take care of safety
Join the ranks of the road heroes
Read about the stories of the people who have saved someone’s life

Every day on European roads there are more than 25 000 people killed and nearly 135 000 are seriously injured

The time needed for the rescue services to arrive depends on many factors. It's us - the professional drivers, who need to gain this time for the injured. It's us - the drivers, who will be the first rescuers for those injured in car accidents. It's us, our reactions and skills to provide first aid that can prove critical for the life and health of another human being.

Our Partners about us:

  • Mateusz Włoch
    "Our decision to collaborate on the Hero Trucker project has been determined by our longstanding observation of the market and the need for a comprehensive approach to the problems that drivers have to deal with on the road. As companies that have direct contact with the transport sector on an everyday basis, we wish to support the Foundation's mission. We are sure that it will be met with a positive reception by not only drivers but all the road users".
    Mateusz WłochInelo
  • Grzegorz Zmuda
    The main values that determine the Truckers Life Foundation's activities - health and safety, are also priorities for Gotowi Do Ratowania (Ready to Save). Our mission is to educate the society on the first aid activities. We instruct how to save human lives and health on a daily basis and educate on safety issues. That's why we have decided to become a Partner of the foundation and the Hero Trucker Project. We believe that our activities will have a considerable impact on the improvement of road safety in Poland and Europe.
    Grzegorz ZmudaStowarzyszenie GOTOWI DO RATOWANIA
  • Agnieszka Kubaj-Kacprzyk
    "The Truckers Life Foundations takes care of the most important things - health and lives of drivers, and by doing so it improves road safety, too. We believe that the initiatives developed as part of the Hero Trucker project will provide drivers with courage. They will make them believe in their driving force and the fact that they can save someone's life. The first aid courses consolidate the knowledge and help to build the self-confidence needed for acting. A greater awareness of the drivers means greater road safety for themselves as well as other road users".
    Agnieszka Kubaj-KacprzykDKV Euro Service

Experts on safety

They are the ones who will help you become a road Hero.


We save lives and teach how to save lives


Why do we do it? Because we believe that thanks to our efforts, devotion and enormous passion, in GOTOWI DO RATOWANIA everyone will discover in themselves the need for helping the injured. thanks to the knowledge and skills gained during courses, meetings and activities conducted with the team of GOTOWI DO RATOWANIA, everyone will be able to proudly say: “I know how to save human life and health”


Experts on safety

Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego

Since 1989 we have been educating on the first aid. We organize conferences on the subject and trainings for children, youth and adults. We also manufacture first aid kits and create first-aid centers. We collaborate closely with companies, uniformed services and institutions which are statutorily responsible for safety. All these activities are run in accordance with our mission – mission of saving and securing as many human lives as possible.


Subject Matter Partners

Szkolenia i kursy z pierwszej pomocy GOTOWI DO RATOWANIA Wrocław



Financed by the National Freedom Institute from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program for the years of 2014-2020

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